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Virtualness provides a professional virtual consultant service to clients remotely, specialising in business administration, projects, content creation, event planning, social media support and more.

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Virtualness support businesses in achieving their core values and strategic goals.  We provide administrative expertise, support, implementation, guidance and advice on your administrative systems, business operations and tools/resources.

We work ethically, professionally and with integrity, performing at the highest standard to assist our clients with their business needs.  We have worked in various capacities within government and non-government health, community services and educational sectors.  We offer broad experience, expertise and knowledge in business administration, project support, research & evaluation, event planning & coordination and more.

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Our skills, passion, experience, knowledge and drive to work enable us to support you with your business needs. 


Administration Support

We can assist you in a range of administration services to support your business.  We have worked in various roles supporting senior management ensuring  tasks are completed easing your workload.

Project Support

Collaboratively, we can assist in the development, monitoring and implementation of projects, including project plans, administrative systems &  documentation, contribution to issue resolution, research, analysis activities and planning and monitoring activities.

Content Creation/Writing

We can assist you in the design, development, research and creation of content ensuring quality and accuracy for your audience.

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