Providing a range of service options, our consultants work remotely supporting your business needs.  If a service you require is not listed, please contact us to discuss further.

Administration Support

  • Review/develop/improve/implement administrative systems

  • Transcription of various reports/minutes of meetings etc

  • Email and diary management

    • Read and prioritise incoming emails, action/respond to emails

    • Organise inbox with categories and folders and archiving

    • Calendar diary management includes scheduling of meetings/appointments

  • Online Database Management

    • Maintain and manage databases

    • Collate data and generate reports

    • Conduct data integrity audits

  • Content creation, gathering and writing

  • Design, develop and draft simple and complex business documents, publications and communication systems using MS Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat and Canva (including templates as well as draft versions of documents such as letters, briefings, agenda, minutes of meetings, action list, reports, forms, organisation chart, business cards, flyers, newsletters, presentations, promotional material, booklets, information guides, registers, contact lists, spreadsheets etc)

  • Develop information packages, training/instruction manuals and orientation guides

  • Research, gather and present information

  • Conduct surveys and report results

  • Computer drive file management redesign and maintenance

  • Domestic and international travel arrangements

  • Payroll – entry of staff hours, adjustments, auditing of payroll entries

Project Support

  • Assist with administrative tasks to meet objectives of project

  • ​Assist with development and monitoring of project timelines/schedule

  • Track task progress and provide updates 

  • Communicate with management regarding matters requiring attention and assist with implementation of management decisions

  • Gather and analyse information

  • Draft project documentation i.e. project scope, project reports, minutes, action lists, briefing documents, publications, presentations etc

  • Assist with the review and development of administrative systems and procedures

  • Arrange meetings and workshops

Content Creation

​We can assist you in the design, development, research and creation of content ensuring quality and accuracy for your audience.​

  • Content creation, writing and gathering e.g.:

    • Information packages

    • Submissions

    • Reports

    • Digital content e.g.

      • Websites

      • Blogs

      • Publications

      • Newsletters

      • Social media content

  • Revise, review, proofread existing content and suggest content  improvements

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume review and redesign

  • Draft professional/business profile listing content

Event Planning & Coordination

  • Assist with initial event planning, implementation and evaluation

  • Arranging team meetings for planning and progress updates

  • Design, development and dissemination of publications e.g. checklists/timeline, “Save the date” publication and/or email, Invitees list, tracking of RSVP list, invitation publication, event program, Sign in sheet, attendee evaluation forms, media release, evaluation, etc

  • Venue hire (researching suitable venues, availability and booking)

  • Research and recommend suitable accommodation and flight options for attendees

  • Arranging catering

  • Liaise with keynote speakers in preparation for event

  • Post event evaluation and report 

Social Media Management

  • Set up and creation of Social Media platforms

  • Research of suitable social media groups and connections to join and/or follow

  • Develop a schedule for social media posts 

  • Design of social media content

  • Management of social media platforms e.g.

    • Publish posts,

    • Answer enquiries and,

    • where required refer matter on to relevant person

Starting a business?

Do you require admin support, guidance and assistance to start your business? We can assist you with:

  • Research of “like” businesses

  • Checklist for starting a business

  • Administrative system requirements plan

  • Electronic storage and filing plan – computer drive/s

  • Content creation, writing and gathering

  • Business card design

  • Website design and development

  • Set up of social media platforms

Website Creation, Review & Updating

  • Assist with gathering information for website: purpose, goals, and target audience

  • Research potential domain name, email address host, website building platform/templates, images for websites

  • Create a new business website using website platforms

  • Content creation and writing 

  • Review and suggest recommendations for improvement of current website 

  • Maintain regular updates i.e. updating &/or including new content as required.

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